What is the Spotify Car Thing?

Whether you are looking to buy a car accessory, or you are simply considering getting a Spotify Car Thing, you need to know what it is and how it works. It has been around for a little over two years, and it is a great way to exercise control over the media playing applications you use. It is also referred to as a “smart player” on the company’s website.

Setup process

Using the Spotify Car Thing to control your music is a great way to make listening to your music while driving easier. In addition to providing easy access to your music library, the device also helps to avoid lock screens. It’s also designed to be safer for drivers, as it can help to alert them when the music is not playing correctly.

When you first launch the Spotify mobile app, you’ll see a “Welcome to Car Thing” page. It includes a QR code that you can scan to begin the setup process. You’ll need to connect the device to your car’s stereo through a USB or Bluetooth connection.

The Spotify Car Thing uses voice recognition to control playback, search for tracks, and save content. The device can also display recommendations based on your recent activity. It also features a shuffle mode. You can set up a playlist, a song, or an album as a preset.

The Car Thing has a colorful touchscreen. You can also customize the interface using buttons. For example, you can set the volume and the play/pause button in the same manner as your car’s built-in radio. In fact, the device features four buttons. You can use these to trigger specific songs or albums, shuffle, or disable shuffle.

The Car Thing uses data from your phone to play music. In addition, it has a voice feature that can respond to “Hey, Spotify” voice commands. It even has a “Voice” tab, which displays recent vocal queries.

The home screen on the Car Thing displays your saved music, a search, and a list of recent playlists. It also has a shuffle, which can be activated by pressing a “like” button. This is a pretty impressive feature. You can also set up a preset that contains your favorite music.

In addition to its voice and Bluetooth features, the Spotify Car Thing has a touchscreen. Its controls are easy to operate. You can set the volume, play/pause, shuffle, and the back button.

The device can even be updated automatically when necessary. In fact, a document on the Car Thing website lists when updates are available.

Voice commands

During last month’s launch, Spotify announced a new in-car entertainment system. This device will enable drivers to interact with the app using voice commands. Currently, the Car Thing is available for purchase in the United States at a discount for Spotify Premium users.

The device connects to the stereo system in a vehicle through Bluetooth or AUX. It has four microphones that allow the device to hear what the driver says. Moreover, the touchscreen on the device is equipped with a “Hey Spotify” function, which enables users to control the music player via voice command.

The device is also equipped with a touchscreen display that allows users to browse through the music library. In addition to the touchscreen, it includes a large jog dial that allows users to navigate through tracks.

The Car Thing was originally released in a limited beta last year. It was designed to only work with Spotify. However, it has since been upgraded with a number of new features. In the latest update, the device now supports incoming calls. You can even view a queue of your playlists while you drive.

The first step is to connect your mobile device to a compatible head unit in your car. After doing so, the app will open a Bluetooth menu. At this point, you should enable your phone’s microphone.

After that, you should check the app’s version to see if it supports voice controls. You can say, “Hey Spotify, open my queue.” This will bring up all of the tracks in your list. If you want to add new content to your queue, you can also use voice commands to do so.

You can even use voice commands to pause and play tracks. For example, you can ask the device to pause a song, load a podcast episode, or perform a voice search. If you are looking for a way to listen to a specific artist, you can use the “Hey Spotify” command to rewind to the artist you want to hear.

The company has also rolled out a voice helper feature to iOS and Android devices. This helps you search for content faster.

Touchscreen display

Until now, Spotify has only offered a mobile app for controlling music. But the company’s new Car Thing hardware device is a more practical solution for listening to tunes in the car.

The Car Thing connects to your smartphone and your car stereo using Bluetooth. It can be mounted on the dashboard, in front of your CD player, or on the air vent. You can set presets with voice commands, and it can trigger playlists. It also lets you save songs to a pre-selected list, which you can then play when you ask the voice assistant.

The device is compact. It measures only about three inches wide, and is slightly smaller than an iPhone 11 when in its car mount. It uses a 12-volt outlet to power the unit. It comes with hooks that lock into the CD player’s slot.

The unit’s screen is just shy of four inches, and has good viewing angles. It also has a rotary dial that controls the phone’s volume. When you aren’t using the touchscreen, you can use the dial to play, pause, and skip tracks.

Car Thing has four preset buttons along the top of the screen, allowing you to quickly access your favorite artists and albums. You can use voice commands to add songs to a preset, or to shuffle an album. You can also use the Back button to go back to the Home screen.

The Car Thing also comes with an accenting rubber tag that features the Spotify logo and wordmark. There are also five physical buttons that can be configured to do things like play an artist or an album. These are a good choice for the device’s design, but they aren’t ideal for navigation or notifications.

Spotify Car Thing is available only in the United States. It is priced around $80. It requires a premium subscription to Spotify. You can sign up for an invite to try the device. It’s a fun way to bring smart tech to your car, but it’s not a must-have for music control.

Android version

Earlier this year, Spotify launched a car version of its music streaming service. The device is intended to give users a simpler way to control their music while on the road. It has a colorful touchscreen, a physical wheel for volume management, and voice commands.

It connects to your phone and your car’s stereo system via Bluetooth and AUX cable. It allows you to browse and play your Spotify playlists. You can also save podcasts and add songs to a queue. You can skip tracks, play the playlist, or assign a track to a specific radio station. You can even use voice commands to play your playlist.

It works as an extension of your phone app, meaning that you won’t need to reach for your phone in most situations. It is small and easy to set up. The app will enlarge the controls to make them easier to use while driving.

The app has voice commands for “Hey Spotify” and “Open my queue.” You can assign a track to a radio station or a playlist by holding down a button. Then you can start playing a random track or a specific album. You can even say “Hey Spotify” to dismiss incoming calls. You can also answer a call from your screen by pressing a button.

Spotify hasn’t announced when Android users will receive these features. It has said that it’s working on an updated car interface for the device, which could be available to everyone in the near future. It also plans to offer a night mode to Car Thing.

While the Spotify Car Thing doesn’t do much on its own, it is a great tool for older cars that don’t have an updated entertainment center. It’s also useful for people who like to listen to podcasts while on the road.

The new Car Thing update will let you respond to phone calls from the display. You’ll be able to see the name of the person calling and their phone number. You’ll also be able to see what’s currently playing in the queue.

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