How to Get to Petra


There are many ways to get to Petra, from buses to cars and even by camel. Listed below are some tips. Before you go, it’s a good idea to read up on the local transportation, including bus and taxi routes. It’s also important to be prepared for all types of weather conditions, and be sure to bring water and sunscreen.

Getting to Petra by bus

Getting to Petra by bus can be a fun and easy way to explore the famous red rose city. The city is so underrated, and it only gets a fraction of the tourists of Venice and Paris. This is because of the unrest that has taken place in Jordan. You will find a variety of hotels in the area, from simple tented camps to five-star resorts. You can find bus routes to Petra from almost any point in Jordan.

The bus leaves around 7 AM and arrives in Petra after 3 hours. You can also choose to visit Petra by night, which is only available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This will give you a chance to experience the stunning architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you prefer to see the sights at night, you can take a bus to Petra by night.

If you’re travelling by bus, you’ll want to plan for a packed lunch, or you can buy food and drinks at stalls near the entrance to Petra. Alternatively, you can find a restaurant in the Siq with a full menu, including a bottle of wine. If you need a bathroom break, there are toilet blocks near the theatre. There are also portaloos near a few cafes and restaurants.

Another option is to take a taxi. Depending on how much time you plan to spend in the Petra area, a taxi can cost 75JD to 100JD. The cost will depend on how many passengers and how long you want to spend in Petra. Also, make sure that you haggle, because the cost can vary.

The road from Amman to Petra is in excellent condition. However, the road is a bit intimidating for foreign drivers, as traffic is so heavy. However, if you have experience driving in Jordan, you should be able to drive from Amman to Petra without any problems. If you have a good driver’s license, you should feel comfortable driving in the capital city.

Buses are also an option to get to Petra. They’re not too expensive, but they are not the fastest or most comfortable way. You’ll need a passport and an IDL to rent a car. If you’re traveling without a driver, you’ll need a credit card and $150-500 deposit.

Getting to Petra by car

Petra is Jordan’s most popular tourist destination. This UNESCO-listed archeological wonder is meticulously preserved and is a three-hour drive from the country’s main hubs. The best way to get to Petra by car is to hire a dedicated private driver. Alternatively, you can also take a bus from any of the locations below.

Before you go to Petra, you need to make your way to the Red Sea resort of Eilat. From Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other cities in Israel, you can take the ‘Egged’ bus service to Eilat. Another option is to fly into Eilat and then drive to Petra. The process is faster and simpler than gaining a visa in Israel. After getting your visa, you can cross into Petra, which should take about an hour.

If you do decide to drive to Petra, make sure you leave a little early. This way, you will have early access to the site. While you’re there, don’t forget to bring some water and sunscreen! It’s important to have plenty of water for your long day exploring this incredible place. Also, make sure to pack lightweight clothing and a jacket.

Another option is to hire a private car. Private drivers have more flexibility and space for luggage than shared taxis. They also offer more privacy and flexibility regarding stops. If you don’t want to take the time to navigate the narrow roads and confusing checkpoints, you can hire a private driver.

You can also take a JETT bus to Petra. The bus leaves from 7th Circle in Amman and arrives in Petra at 4pm. A one-way ticket costs 10 JD and is available at the JETT bus office or online. The bus takes about four hours to reach Petra and the rest of the country.

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