How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are a common pest that infests boxelder and maple trees during the summer. These insects are often attracted to warm, moist places, including the inside of your home. However, you can use a few natural products to get rid of them. These include Diatomaceous earth, Borax, and warm water.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is an organic powder that can be used to get rid of boxelder bug infestations both inside and outside your home. It is a natural ingredient that is made from fossilized microalgae. It is safe for humans to consume but highly toxic to boxelders.

It works by killing pests on contact. The product is effective for a period of several hours. However, the best way to apply it is in small amounts, and you should avoid covering the area with large piles. Also, make sure the area you apply the diatomaceous earth to is visible. This is important because big piles of diatomaceous earth attract bugs.

Diatomaceous earth is a safe product that will kill boxelder bugs without harming humans or pets. However, you should be aware that the product can irritate your eyes and lungs, and it is also important to repeat the treatment after rain. You can also use Borax, a boron-based compound that acts as an insecticide. It is safe to use around your home, so you can put it around windowsills and doors.

A garden hose stream is also effective for breaking up small clusters of boxelder bugs. It may not kill the bugs, but it will discourage the development of a swarm, preventing the need for a more intensive treatment. A talc-like powder made from fossilized microalgae may be a good choice for this task. You can also get diatomaceous earth in a home center that is safe for humans.

The boxelder bug is a pest that can cause havoc in rural areas. It feeds on leaves, twigs, and seed pods of trees and shrubs. These insects are most common on female box elder trees, especially maple trees. They also feed on peach and apple trees.

Boxelder bugs are a nuisance that can make your spring and summer seasons miserable. While these pests are mostly harmless, they do have a foul odor when they are disturbed. If they feel threatened, they may let off an unpleasant order, which can ruin your furnishings.

The adults of boxelder bugs are about half an inch long, and they have orange and red stripes on their thorax. They reproduce when conditions are right, and this process begins again in the US in July and ends in September. This makes it important to deal with the infestation as soon as possible.


Borax is a chemical that can help get rid of boxelder bugs. It is a powdery substance made from fossilized phytoplankton, or diatoms. It can be used as an insecticide and is safe for humans. It works by piercing the exoskeleton and suffocating the insect’s internal organs. It has been used successfully by many people.

Borax is a common household chemical that can be purchased at most grocery stores. When sprinkled around boxelder trees and the outside siding of a house, it can kill the bugs. However, if you don’t have access to borax, you can call an exterminator to treat the perimeter of your home.

Boxelder bugs are black insects with red stripes on their back. They can enter a house through open windows or cracks and will emit a foul odor. They will lay their eggs on host trees, so it is important to remove them as soon as you notice them. They will then hibernate in warm, dry places during the winter.

Boxelder bugs are not dangerous and do not cause harm to humans. They feed on the seed pods of boxelder trees. However, if they swarm in large numbers, they can be unwelcome. Moreover, they can harm plants, so getting rid of them is essential.

Another way to get rid of boxelder bugs is to mix dish soap with water. This mixture can kill the bugs on contact with it, but this method comes with some risks. Nonetheless, it is an effective and safe way to combat winged invaders. Soak the boxes with this mixture for about two hours to kill the bugs and prevent them from returning.

Another option is to make a homemade boxelder bug spray. A simple solution of two tablespoons of dish soap with 32 ounces of water will do the trick. This solution can be applied with a backpack sprayer or hand-held sprayer. This type of solution will penetrate the thin skeleton of the boxelder beetle. But it’s important to note that it is only effective as a contact insecticide. If you live in a house with many boxelder trees, you may want to hire a professional pest control service to spray around the perimeters.

You can also use a repellent to keep box elder bugs outside. Borax and Diatomaceous Earth are both effective at repelling box elder bugs, but it is important to spray them early in the season. Box elder bugs are most active in the spring and summer. In the fall, they will seek shelter.

Boxelder bugs are most commonly attracted to female boxelder trees. They breed in these trees and disperse their eggs on seed pods. Boxelder bugs can fly up to two miles for food.

Warm water

Boxelder bugs don’t actually harm plants. While they do feed on certain species of trees and shrubs, their damage to your plants is minimal. However, if you notice pale leaves or stunted growth on a specific plant, it could mean that these insects are damaging it.

One of the best ways to kill boxelder bugs is to pour hot water into cracks and crevices. This method will kill young insects and their eggs and will discourage them from breeding in the area. Once you’ve done that, you can use a spray bottle to kill the bugs. However, be careful not to use hot water, as it could burn the sprayer. If you use too much of this method, you might damage the surrounding landscape and attract even more bugs.

Another common way to get rid of boxelder bugs is to spray them with boxelder spray. This method works by dehydrating the boxelders, which will kill them within a few hours. If you want to kill the bugs permanently, you can also use a vacuum. The boxelder that is not killed will end up in the vacuum bag or canister, which is safe for your plants and children.

Boxelder bugs usually invade homes during the spring thaw, from March to early May. While they do not cause structural damage, their presence can be a nuisance because they feed on food sources. Because of their sheer number, they also cause odor and filth in your home.

Although boxelder bugs are not harmful, their presence in your home can make your life a misery. They can cause red stains on your fabrics and produce a strong odor when handled. Boxelder bugs aren’t known to bite, but their mouthparts can irritate your skin, much like a mosquito’s bite.

Vinegar is a natural repellent of Boxelder bugs. It is best to use undiluted white vinegar, as other types can cause stains when evaporated. Spray the solution on windows and doorframes, and near entryways and walls. This solution can cause the bugs to dehydrate and die.

Another option is to spray citrus-based cleaners on your home. You can also apply essential oils. These mixtures can be applied on baseboards, windows, and stonework. You can also place sachets of herbs in areas where the bugs are active. Lavender and sage are two popular herbs that are easily available and highly effective against these insects.

Another way to get rid of boxelder bugs is to use a vacuum cleaner. This method will remove the bugs by removing their remains, though you should be careful about using a vacuum as the dust bags will leave behind a stinky smell. If you do decide to crush the boxelder bugs, remember to dispose of the dust bags far away from your home. The crushed bugs will leave behind stains that can be difficult to remove. It is also helpful to buy sticky bug traps to catch any escaped boxelder bugs.

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