How to Answer Why Would You Like to Work Here in an Interview


When you go on an interview, you may be asked the question, “Why would you like to work here?” This can be a stressful time for you, so it’s important to prepare an answer that shows your interest in the job. Avoid topics that will turn the interviewer off, and personalize your answer.

Personalize your answer

When answering the question “why do you want to work here?”, give specific reasons. Instead of giving general reasons, highlight your interest in the company’s mission and core values. If possible, give at least two or three reasons. Adding more than three may make your answer too long. However, having only one reason doesn’t make a strong enough case for you to be hired.

The “why” question is used to measure whether candidates have researched the company and are motivated by the position. It requires a candidate to connect their knowledge of the company and the position’s mission and goals with their unique skills. The best answers demonstrate that candidates have done research on the company, know its products and services, and have a clear idea of how their skills can help the company. On the other hand, the worst answers focus on what a candidate can offer the company, while ignoring the company’s mission or goals.

While most big technology companies have similar traits, each company has its own facts and features. For example, Google has a wide variety of products and is extremely proud of them. If you are applying to a Google job, consider mentioning one of your favorite products and what makes it special.

While addressing the job interview question, you should also include your personal experiences. It may seem like a minor detail, but it can make you sound like a more qualified candidate. Your previous work experience, higher education, or prestigious industry awards may help you stand out.

The best answers to the “why” question reference the company’s culture, mission, and vision. This allows the hiring manager to understand the types of people that would fit well with the organization’s goals. It also helps them gauge whether your personality would fit in with the company’s needs and culture.

Show understanding of employer’s needs

Answering why you would like to work here in an interview requires you to show understanding of the employer’s needs. In doing so, make sure your answer is direct and concise. Employers want to know what your passion is and how you could contribute to their success.

The hiring manager is trying to assess your fit and value to the company. A company that values its employees will have a happier and more productive workforce. Showing understanding of the employer’s needs and requirements while answering why you would like to work here can increase your chances of being offered the job.

Research the company and its business in advance. Know what products it produces, how the product or service is used, or what type of awards it has received. This knowledge will help you highlight the skills that match the needs of the employer. When answering why you would like to work here, show the employer that you have done your homework.

Explain your background and qualifications in detail. Make sure you mention how your experience and skills are ideal for the position. Include examples of your past success in the role. Show the employer that you can solve problems and help them succeed. This will impress the hiring manager.

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