Get a Spotify Car Thing For Your iPod Or iPhone

Getting a Spotify car thing is an easy way to make sure that your iPod and iPhone are never without music. You can play your favorite songs right from your car’s steering wheel. And it’s easy to add new ones as well. Whether you’re streaming a podcast or simply listening to an audiobook, this device will help you get the most out of your music.

Satechi Bluetooth Media Button

Using your smartphone while driving can be dangerous. Even if you’re wearing gloves, it can be difficult to control the music app. That’s why Satechi has designed a Bluetooth Media Button that you can mount on your steering wheel.

The Satechi Bluetooth Media Button works with iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones. It’s compact and lightweight. It’s a wireless connection that lets you adjust your volume, skip tracks, and change your playlist. It also offers steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

It also has a voice assistant like Siri, but you’ll need to sign up for a premium Spotify account to use it. The device isn’t very expensive. It has a color display and a back button, and you can choose from four preset buttons. It can also be paired with your phone for data connectivity.

It has a battery life of up to two years. It’s powered by a CR2016 coin cell battery. It’s also equipped with a small Bluetooth pairing button. The button is very thin and has a subtle click noise. The front of the device has an LED status indicator.

The Satechi Bluetooth Media Button can be purchased through Amazon. It costs 29.99 euros. It’s available in different colors, and can be mounted in your car. You can use it to control your favorite music or movie app while you’re on the road. It’s also compatible with tablets.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Spotify Car Thing, you might want to check out the Soundbot SB360. It’s also compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled music players. It comes with a built-in microphone, and it allows you to play and pause your music, as well as answer phone calls. You can connect the device to your car stereo, dock station, or TV. It’s priced at the same price as the Satechi. It also offers a longer battery life and extra call button.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to control your phone while driving, consider the Kinivo Bluetooth Car Kit. It’s designed for answering calls and playing music from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. It can also be used as a remote camera shutter control.

Tunai multimedia button

Using the TUNAI Button, a smart phone user can easily control their media and receive or reject calls. The device is also a great choice for taking selfies. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and features a 30-foot range. The battery life is impressive too. It comes with a remote shutter button and other buttons for controlling media playback.

The TUNAI Button is a small and relatively inexpensive device. It’s long lasting and easy to replace the battery. It’s a great tool for a busy commuter or someone looking to use their phone on the go.

The TUNAI Button is compatible with most Android smartphones. It has a good battery life of up to three years and a convenient remote shutter button for taking pictures. It also includes other buttons for controlling media playback and answering or rejecting calls.

There are a number of other similar gadgets on the market. But the TUNAI Button is the best of the bunch. This is a simple, smart, and safe way to control your phone while out and about. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and is made from IPX5 grade material. The TUNAI Button is easy to pair and has a long battery life. Its other notable feature is the fact that it uses a magnetic mounting system that lets you mount the TUNAI Button to your car’s dashboard.

The Satechi Media Button is another similar-but-different device that’s been around for a while. This device has two buttons for playing/pause and forward/backtrack. It can also be used to control playback from the wheel.

The Satechi Media Button has a price tag of 27 euros and it’s a bit of a steal. It can be easily adjusted to fit your hands. In addition to providing play/pause, it can be paired with your favorite media player. It has a built-in microphone and clip mount for attaching the device to your dash. Its other features include a “mi the most” list and a good battery life.

The Satechi Media Button will probably be a part of your vehicle’s stereo, but the Tunai multimedia button may be your ticket to in car entertainment. It has a dedicated call button and is a viable alternative to the Satechi.

Aigoss headset

Despite the fact that most phones can play music via the speakers, there’s always a challenge in controlling the volume. Luckily, the folks at Spotify have introduced a hardware device that makes this task a breeze.

The device is actually a Bluetooth-connected remote control for your car’s stereo. It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, or wired via the AUX or USB jacks. It can display and play podcasts, as well as display and play albums. It can also save and retrieve playlists from your mobile device.

The car-centric device isn’t cheap. It costs $90.00. The device is currently only available to US customers, so you may have to wait a while to get your hands on one. In addition to the aforementioned costs, you’ll also have to pay for shipping. However, the company has also revealed that the device has a night mode, so you won’t have to worry about losing track of your favorite tunes.

While it’s no substitute for your phone, the hardware device is a step up from the usual. It eliminates the need for fumbling with the phone’s navigation and unlocking functions. And, the clever-looking remote is surprisingly small. Aside from the obvious controls, the device features a physical wheel that interacts with the screen. It also has a small button that serves as the back button, but it’s not the largest.

The aforementioned remote, paired with a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone, provides a much simpler experience than using a manual hand held device. It’s also a lot easier to control the volume and switch between different songs. The Car Thing’s five-inch by three-inch screen also plays a part in the audio experience. The device even comes with a gimmick that will impress your passengers. It has a speaker-like speaker quality, and can also be powered by the 12-volt jack in most cars. The device itself is a big hit, especially with those looking for a way to listen to Spotify in the car.

It’s probably not going to be a game changer for the masses, but it’s a nice touch that’s sure to please many.


Until now, Spotify’s Car Thing was only available through a limited invitation system. In order to buy one, you needed to have a Premium subscription to Spotify. Although this device is designed for in-car use, it will still work with your phone. Using the device will enable you to play, pause, skip, and even add to your queue. You can also control your music through a voice command.

However, the Car Thing is only a nifty gadget if you are a Premium subscriber. That is because you need to connect the device to your car’s stereo and auxiliary input with Bluetooth. If you don’t have access to these devices, you can simply purchase a dashboard mount and replicate the functionality of the device. The cost of the mount is around $20, but you can still use it to replicate the Car Thing’s features.

Another option, in terms of a more expensive option, is the Satechi Media Button. This device also costs around $10 per month. It has some similar features to the Spotify Car Thing, but it has more functionality and a longer battery life. In addition, it comes with a clip mount to attach the device to the dashboard.

A cheaper alternative to the Car Thing is the SoundBot. This wearable device comes with a built-in mic and four customizable shortcuts to your favorite playlists and albums. The device is also affordable and can be purchased directly from Amazon.

It is important to note that the Car Thing is not compatible with cars that have not been updated to run Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. In addition, the device only works with cars that have an auxiliary input. This means that the device won’t be able to connect with older models. It also relies on your phone’s internet connection, so it’s not suitable for those who don’t have a data plan. The device only works with Spotify’s Premium subscription, so if you don’t have the requisite service, you’ll have to look elsewhere for an affordable alternative.

While it’s not perfect, the VeoPulse Car Speakerphone is a decent option for anyone who wants to stream music from their phone in their car. It has a built-in speaker and is optimized for hands-free calling.

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